About Us

Welcome to your number one source for mortgage note investing!

Our team of industry experts, robust technology and software system, and mortgage banking contacts has enabled us to develop a comprehensive inventory pool of non-performing mortgage notes to invest in for income and wealth building.

With years of experience, a veteran support staff of financial experts, customer service reps, and real estate analysts, as well as access to extensive REO and mortgage note data in the US there is no one better positioned to assist you.

What we do

We buy all types of mortgage notes and real estate. Firsts, seconds, performing, non-performing, REO, residential, commercial, mixed use, conventional and jumbo mortgage loans, lines of credit, and unsecured debt. Bring them all.

We have the capital and proven expertise to buy high volumes of mortgage notes, and have the structure and system to execute acquisitions and management more efficiently and profitably. That means we can pay more for your notes and distressed real estate assets than others.

And unlike most others that have probably contacted you, we understand you may have either personal or corporate financial responsibility or challenges. We know the struggles you have faced, how to leap them legally and efficiently, and how to make you look great to your partners, C-Suite, and shareholders or spouse.

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